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Maier Brand & Wasser Schadenmanagement GmbH
Zentrale Inning
Carl-Benz-Straße 1-5
82266 Inning a. Ammersee

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aus der Richtung Stuttgart:
  • Autobahn Straße A8. Richtung: München, Ulm
  • Fahren Sie nach 74 km an AS Ulm-West (Ausfahrt 62) von der Straße A8
  • Biegen Sie nach 670 m halbrechts in die Straße B10 ab
  • Nach 9 km wechseln Sie an AS Neu-Ulm Mitte von der Straße B10 auf die Straße B28
  • Folgen Sie nach 10 km der Straße A7
  • Nach 37 km wechseln Sie an AK Memmingen von der Straße A7 auf die Straße A96. Richtung: München, Memmingen-Nord, A96, Flughafen
  • Fahren Sie nach 80 km an AS Inning A. Ammersee (Ausfahrt 30) von der Straße A96
  • Folgen Sie nach 178 m der Straße St2070
  • Biegen Sie nach 421 m links in die Straße Carl-Benz-Str. ab
aus der Richtung München:
  • Fahren Sie auf die Autobahn A96. Richtung: Inning A. Ammersee
  • Fahren Sie bei der Ausfahrt Inning a Ammersee (Ausfahrt 30) von der Autobahn A96 ab
  • Biegen Sie nach 282 m rechts in die Straße Brucker Str. (B471) ab
  • Biegen Sie nach 276 m rechts in die Straße St2070 ab
  • Biegen Sie nach 421 m links in die Straße Carl-Benz-Str. ab
aus der Richtung Memmingen:
  • Autobahn A96 Richtung München
  • Fahren Sie nach 75 km an AS Inning A. Ammersee (Ausfahrt 30) von der Straße A96
  • Folgen Sie nach 178 m der Straße St2070
  • Biegen Sie nach 421 m links in die Straße Carl-Benz-Str. ab

Anfahrt Inning

120x in Germany und Austria
Germany's largest network of branch offices for water and fire damage restorations!
Our services
Leakage Detection Before beginning a drying the leakage place must be located and has to be repaired.

Our leakage detection specialists localize these concealed leaks with the latest methods and high tech devices. We determine the leakage as well as the course of pipes in wall and ground.

Water damage restoration In the extensive damage analysis carried out by MBS damages are documented not just optically documented. With the help of the latest moisture measuring instruments we track down also concealed humidity in ground or wall constructions.

According to actual architecturally facts and the fabric, which should be dried, we select the best drying systems for each situation.

Fire damage restoration MBS takes over the complete processing of a fire damage and provides competent and careful restoration directly at the damage place and also in our special restoration halls. Moreover we restore all parts of the building, incl. building infrastructure as well as the complete equipment like furnishings, computer systems and house technology, etc...
Construction drying MBS offers you special air dehumidification systems and air circulating blowers which lower humidity in wall covers, grounds and walls, that allow to continue workings after a short time.
Construction heating We can choose between a multiplicity of oil, gas and electric heating blowers. Environmental-friendliness and power-saving is guaranteed because of the usage of thermostats in our heaters.
Tent heating Especially for the heating of festival tents or fair tents we offer a perfect solution: the heating of the tent with clear hot air tubes. These transparent tubes are clamped about the whole length of the tent.
Measurement Technology The modern diagnostics enclose all measuring procedures for indicating construction damages, faulty execution of construction or insufficient insulation.
Wall Injection With different injection procedures splits in a wall can be closed with synthetic resin.
Restoration All restoration measures like painting, tiling and ground transfers belong to the complete MBS service.
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